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Tourism Working (TW) is set to become a new innovation coworking district without borders and based in SOUTH EUROPE and ASEAN. TW will thrive thanks to a strong value proposition reflected in the main Place Pillars: SHARED EXPERIENCE BORDERLESS RESILIENCE TRAVELING COMMUNITY Within the framework of the new development, TW will become the first actualization of this vision, which will come to life finding its home in a microcosm of selected actors and players. TW, will become the first laboratory of the new BORDERLESS concept: the possibility to live and work anywhere and without borders. TW locations will give users the physical experience of being free to live again without physical restrictions, boosting a sense of COMMUNITY engagement and creating a place where their business can have continuity and new inspirations. The TRAVEL will come back to be the best way to SHARE EXPERIENCE and the services inside TW places will always be RESILIENT in order to change and adapt themselves to users and their needs.

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Via Padre Semeria, 65 roma



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