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Become a member of the Italian Tourism Start-up Association, discover our benefits and take part in the development of the Italian tourism economy.

Do you want to become a member?

  • Startup

    Join the Association and work with other start­ups to reach your goals. You’ll have the possibility to meet and network with the firms that have developed innovative products and services in the tourism and culture world; moreover you can launch new businesses, access specific resources and information.
    All Italian and foreign start­ups that meet the following criteria can join: ­

    • are focused on tourism and culture.
    • have a digital project that has already begun (also in beta phase).
    • have headquarter or operations office in Italy, or have Italy as a destination.
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Do You Want to Support the Association?

  • Supplier

    Suppliers are interested in supporting the start­ups or the Association by supplying them with discounted products or services.
    Suppliers can get in touch with the start­up teams directly, offer them solutions and activate new business channels.

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  • Partner and Sponsor

    To support our activities means believing in the Italian tourism and culture innovation excellence, key sectors for the economic revamping of our country. Partners and sponsors share our point of view and they contribute to the growth of the Association with donations and sponsorships ­ also on specific projects ­ or by offering spaces, services, and visibility.

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  • Ambassador

    Ambassadors ­ people skilled in tourism and the digital sector, companies or organizations, travel advisors, etc.­ who believe in our goals and are spokespersons for the Association’s values, in Italy and abroad. They help us boost our network and the growth of the start­ups.

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