Ambassadors support the Association and are spokespersons of our values.
They are skilled in digital tourism, advisors, researchers, and exponents of organizations… and all of them contribute to the growth of the Association.

Valentin Dombrovsky

Valentin works as a head of market relations at Excursiopedia - global tours and activities marketplace. He is also co-founder at Facebook community Travel Startups Intl. and an advisor to Travel Massive - global community that unites industry professionals from all over the world.

Marco Gafforini

I’m an entrepreneur and I founded several companies and startups both in Italy and in the US. I cofounded and have been first president of the Italian tourism startup association. I’m a curious traveller, a food blogger (, a tech enthusiast and a very happy father.

Massimo Rovelli

Founder and Ceo of Ecqua.Net, (, an innovation-focused consulting and education firm, skilled in business innovation, digital strategy and change management in travel. Contract professor in Tourism Management at LUISS University in Rome and at IULM University in Milan.